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Home & Business Harmonizers

Energetic protection for your home, apartment and business from geopathic stress (caused by underground water veins, earth fault-lines and multiple grid systems), EMF/electro-magnetic stress from cellphones, computers and wireless electronics, as well as neutralization of many Feng Shui challenges such as missing areas in the Bagua, cutting Chi from sharp corners, sloped ceilings, etc. 

Find articles about geopathic stress and its affect on our health and wellbeing at www.geopathology.com

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Personal Protection

Individual protection from geopathic and EMF related stress, from intrusive energies of negative people, as well as from higher dimensional beings in the form of our latest product, the Universal Shield. The pendants in general increase grounding and connection to the Earth and with that boost physical balance. (see demonstration video)

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BioResonance Laser

Embedded informational frequencies on a photon laser beam to maximize the energy in water and food and activate original blueprint information.

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Counteracting EMF-related stress from cellphones, cordless phones, laptops, Wifi routers and all other electronics. 

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Energy Clearing Harmonizers

A set of tools to assist with clearing negative energetic residue from objects. Quick and easy results. Ideal for clearing small spaces, beds and rooms in hotels, hospitals, chairs of health practitioners and therapists, unpleasant energy on money, crystals and old jewelry, pre-owners' energy on antiques and used items, such as clothes and even vehicles. Distinct Harmonizers clear negative energetic imprints from water and from mass produced food.

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Scalar Tools for Practitioners

Scalar Tools for professionals and ambitious individuals to release traumas imprinted in our cellular memory and to heal emotional scars in a person's aura field. Reports include improved sleep, more energy, better relationships, reduced anxiety and worry, overall an increase in happiness. 

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E-Books and other Media

Books, workbooks and audio CD's on the topics of earth energies, dowsing, geopathic stress, electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) and Feng Shui in digital format for easy download.

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Dowsing Supplies

High quality dowsing instruments to detect Geopathic Stress and to test for energetic changes.

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Personal Consultations

Sessions with Werner in person or over the phone. 

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