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Energy testing



 by Werner Brandmaier




Dowsing is an old tradition and best known as a method to locate underground waterveins for wells. We use dowsing in our Feng Shui practice to detect energetic structures carrying geopathic stress  (areas which increase decay and often can be found in close correlation with longterm illness).

Dowsing can not only be used to detect earth and water patterns but also for tapping into our intuitive capabilities. The right part of our brain representing the intuitive aspect works as a parallel processor and is incredibly fast. The left brain, the rational mind, acts more as a serial processor, dealing with one issue at a time, slowing down the overall performance of our "bio-computer" dramatically.

If we watch ourselves carefully when we make important decisions we often had a gut sense when we first considered the issue at hand. Later looking back, we recognize that we should have followed this intutition in the first place instead of listening to the arguments our rational mind chattered through our head. To simply follow our intuition would often serve us best. Dowsing allows us to tap into that subconscious aspect, and with that connects us to the innate knowledge and wisdom.

Dowsing in most cases is practised by using different tools. Water dowsers originally used tree branches shaped like a Y (Y-rods), but also L-rods (wires bent into an L-shape), or pendulums. Over the last few decades additional versions such as tensors (bobbers) came into fashion. Tensors ("bobbers") have a handle with a steel wire coming out about a foot with a ring or a ball on the end.

Personally, I like the tensors best, because they are reliable, fast and reveal detailed information quickly. However all the tools work very well, as they don't really do anything by themselves, but serve more like a pointer to amplifier of the dowser's own sensitivity. It works by translating a micro-muscle response in the hand into an amplified swing of a tensor.

If we therefore consider dowsing as a method to help us decide what's best for us, for our body, sometimes even for our wallet (by not buying stuff we don't really need), then we should probably bring a dowsing instrument along with us all day; to the gorcery store to see which foods are healthier for us; to choose which brand of vitamin C is most beneficial for us, even to a bookstore to find out if a book is worth buying.

At this point I'd also like to mention Applied Kinesiology as another method to determine the body's true response. When Dr. George Goodheart wrote his book "Your Body Doesn't Lie" he introduced a method to access the same inner wisdom. Standard Kinesiology, however, requires a second person for the testing procedure although there are some ways to test yourself. 

 Let's get practical

The only problem that holds us back from using dowsing in everyday situations is that it looks weird when we pull out our dowsing instruments and they start moving about seemingly on the own. Most people wouldn't be comfortable walking through a store with their pendulum or tensor, bobbing along with them. We also could ask a friend to join us and ask them to test us with Applied Kinesiology by testing the strength of our arm with each individual item, but again that looks pretty dramatic.

Wouldn't it be so much easier if we could apply that method in a much more discreet way?

Here is the solution: BODY DOWSING.

Body dowsing uses the response of our body in a simple and quick way to tell us if our body is attracted to or repelled by something. And remember: The body does not lie!

Notice: The more precise the question, the clearer the answer! Instead of asking: "Should I get this CD?" it is better to ask: "Would getting this be beneficial for me in any way at this time?"



How does it work?

•    Stand straight and relaxed and try to feel your body's subtle movements. (Have the understanding that we are on two feet and unconsciously balancing ourselves all the time.)

•    Now ask a question where the body would show a clear "Yes" response, e.g. "Show me a Yes" or "Is my name _______ (your name)?"  If this is a true statement, the body will start to move.

•    Usually a "yes" or "confirmation" lets the upper body fall slightly forward (towards an object, if you're testing something specific), a "no" would make you fall backward, as if being repelled by it.

Of course it is much easier to find results for other people or for situations where you are not personally involved. Dowsing for yourself to answer bigger questions can be tricky. If there is any emotional entanglement and bias for a possible outcome, e.g. when asking  "Should I date this person?" (you thought of that question already, didn't you?) you can call a friend or third person, ideally someone who is neutral. Don't tell him/her your question. Just ask them to test for some answers while you go through the different questions in your mind, one at a time.

Some additional thoughts

Most people's body responds in the way described. Sometimes other results might occur: One might fall backward for a "yes" and forward for a "no". We call this "switched". Switching can occur when the body is overloaded and extremely stressed or exhausted.  Massaging your Kidney-27 points below both your collar bones can reverse that, best combined with some deep breaths and slight tapping on head and heart as taught in BODYTALK (please see www.karenatkins.com/brain).

Please remember that the more specific the question, the clearer the answer. And if you just can’t seem to get an answer for a particular question, just leave it and try again later. Because that non-answer is indeed the answer, that it is unclear at this time.

After some practice I want you to do all your shopping this year by applying Body Dowsing. You will save money and get really nice stuff. If you try to find meaningful presents, ask your body, "Would Aunt Vicky enjoy this bracelet" or "Would this book be beneficial for my friend Jane?" Simply choose from several ideas you have for them by asking your body.

When people stop at our booth at expos I tell them to test our own Feng Shui products to see if they would work well for them  This way I leave the decision to the customer. Good products sell themselves.