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BioResonance Laser

The BioResonance Laser uses coherent laser light to carry subtle frequency information. The laser is a low energy laser, the photon beam functions as a carrier wave. Similar to a radio signal, the carrier wave brings the desired modulated signal from the transmitter station into your home, but has nothing to do with the modulated signal, the music itself. In a similar way the laser beam carries modulated informational frequencies with it.

Stress as an underlying common denominator of illness increases vibrational chaos in our energetic body, which in time affects our physical body. Stress can be caused by physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual disharmony. 

Using the BioResonance Laser for water and food helps to counteract the damage of toxic substances (e.g. artificial sweeteners) or unhealthy food processes (such as frying) and allows to infuse beneficial frequencies instead.

Live Blood analysis is a method to view red blood cells under a microscope. It shows changes within minutes before and after consuming coffee, sodas, micro-waved food and even smoking a cigarette. We can see how the blood appearance improves after lasering the food with the BioResonance Laser.

The BioResonance PRO laser allows the professional user to implement significantly more frequencies on the body for relaxation of tissue, assistance with pain relief, stimulation of acupuncture points and chakra balance.

Please visit http://bioresonancelaser.com for a more detailed description.

  • BioResonance PRO-III
    $998.00 BioResonance PRO-III Laser - NEW!
    The BioResonance PRO-III Laser V.7 (Mark-III) is our latest laser model for the professional user. It energizes water and boosts the energy of beverages and food. The BioResonance PRO-III Laser helps to boost the body's...

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