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Home Harmonizer:   protecting the house from geopathic stress, EMFs and to increase the Chi in the house

“The Home Harmonizer immediately creates a vortex of purity. The peace I experienced at home after putting up the HH was beautiful. And yes, dreams are intense during the re-alignment of the energies at first, feels like an upgrade and clearing within and without. This simple (but vastly advanced) product creates a sanctuary off flow, light and protection..."

Mia Luz, PA - www.drumdoula.com

Everyone in our family was having trouble sleeping. We were desperately looking for a solution, especially for our young daughter. After some intensive research we isolated the problem to geopathic stress. We tried several products from the internet but they didn’t really work for us. This changed when we found the Home Harmonizer from "Geopathic Stress Solutions". I am able to test energy shifts myself but we also work with an amazing doctor who can test energetic levels with a device. The Home Harmonizer DID actually work and gave us back our restful night sleep!”

John, Chicago IL

"I noticed a new sense of ease in my body within hours of hanging the Home Harmonizer (HH) in place, even before going to bed.  As I've mentioned, I purchased the plaque especially with the hopes of it helping me feel less stimulated while trying to sleep at night.  That very first night I found a dramatic change already: I was able to fall asleep readily and slept more deeply.  I also felt a refreshingly new sense of ease, peace and serenity on awakening the following morning that I don't remember feeling in my body for, likely, decades.  Knowing now the contrast with and without the HH I keep asking myself why I didn't get it sooner, when it was first recommended to me almost a year ago:  I could have been that much more productive in my daily activities for all that time had I been more rested the way I am now.  The product speaks for itself - in my case, rather immediately. Thank you!"

Rosemary N., Ontario, Canada

"It’s been a little over a year since we’ve installed the Home Harmonizer I purchased from you. I believe we have reaped many rewards, especially health wise. My husband was having painful neck issues and I myself had digestive problems. All of this vanished after installing our Harmonizer. Thank you so much for making the Home Harmonizer available to us!"

Joy Q., Merrillville, IN

"In the 2 weeks since we put up the Home Harmonizer - my husband doesn't wake up with headaches in the morning and I have a  feeling of calm and protection when I enter the house; we were having some ants in the veranda - and I see that their number decreased."

Anne-Marie P., Quebec, Canada

"As you know I have quite a challenging energy situation in my new home. A few minutes ago I took the golden Home&Business Harmonizer off the wall to see what would happen. Honestly, right away I felt pressure in my head and my heart started beating weird. I really could feel a dramatic difference. As soon as the Harmonizer is down I have this strange sensation of energy being imbalanced around my head and my left ear is clogged, yet at the same time, it's ringing. I am going to put the Harmonizer back on tonight because I have a busy day tomorrow. I need to rest well. Over the next weekend I can do some more testing... Interesting stuff."

Micheila Sheldan, Intuitive Channel, Detroit, MI

“The Home Harmonizer is working wonderfully with the noise issues I had with the close railroad in my backyard and the low flying airplanes. I feel the vibration, but it no longer rattles or affects me emotionally and energetically. It’s incredible. I wish I had bought the Harmonizer years ago, but it seems my journey was to actually learn all these things myself. Thank you so much!”

Anne M., Boston, MA

“Werner is meticulous about every aspect of his consulting process and has helped our family immensely. I can feel a big difference since we installed a Harmonizer in our house. We sleep better and the entire place feels more peaceful and calm. In addition, we recently had one of our German doctors test the PRO pendant we had got for our ill daughter. The doctor was very impressed and said that it was superb to other devices he had recommended to his patients in the past. I highly recommend Werner’s work for anyone with health concerns or frankly anyone looking to live a more health conscious life.”

G. H., Newbury, MA

“… My husband was away when the products arrived. I immediately put the Home Harmonizer up where you had suggested. The next morning after my husband’s arrival back home he said, “Gee, I don’t know why, but I woke up this morning with such a feeling of well-being, and I have no anxiety like I do every morning.” I would also like to share that I am very sensitive to energies and that to be near computers or phones makes my head feel crazy. However, wearing my PRO pendant I could actually feel the energy of the computer being pushed away from me. In addition I have tremendous feeling of calm and well-being.”

Joanne H., Canada, Reiki practitioner

"I received the HOME HARMONIZER today. Here are the things I've noticed within the first hours after installing:

  1. Moon stripes totally gone! (They woke me up around 4:30 am for years...)
  2. Geopathic Stress from a 400 meter earth grid system located in 2 places in home is gone. 
  3. Microwaves, radio waves, wireless router energies are all gone!!
  4. House shape is a split level with a garage T to home. Energy imbalances of these irregularities corrected.
  5. Unhealthy energy acceleration due to a straight hallway - corrected
  6. Energy deficiencies from different arrangements of furniture, pictures, etc. - all corrected
  7. Negative energy accumulated during the day in the house - gone within 3 minutes
  8. Energy levels of people in the house are up 140% in 1 1/2 hrs
  9. Positive Chi in home has increased by 5x

I work in a electric generating plant as superintendent and find that a tall tower approx 1 mi away puts out microwaves - this is a much bigger problem for me than the generator and cable EMFs.  I have found keeping my cell phone - with the E-SMOG HARMONIZER - in my pocket protects from the microwave tower while at work.  At home, the HOME HARMONIZER, takes care of it. Thank you for your quality products!"

John R., MI 

"The day the Home Harmonizer arrived, I quickly put it up because I was leaving town. When I returned 3 days later, the ant infestation that we had continually every summer had disappeared. The house seemed quieter. Usually I have a terrible time staying focused on cleaning up clutter but I found it easy to hold steady on this intention. Things are more settled and feel good since.

I highly recommend your products to clear negative energy. They are amazing! The claims you make on your website are irrefutable to me. Thank you, Werner, for uplifting the energy in my home and helping my health and my husband's health."

Sharilyn Stalling, Master of Intuitive Emotional Body Healing, Eureka Springs, AR

"We were so excited when we received the Home Harmonizer. My wife could feel the difference immediately. I am not that sensitive, I must admit. Jonathan, our little one, slept through the night for the first time . Amazing! Cannot believe how much trouble we would have saved ourselves if we had known you  earlier. Thanks to our friend Judy who told us about you. Will keep you posted."

Ruth and John S., Miami, FL


Room Harmonizer:   geopathic stress and EMF protection for hotel rooms, dorms and workplaces 

Very good news I wanted to share with you. My son is very sensitive to the energies around him. Since moving into his new dorm room at college this August he had trouble sleeping. Last night he installed the Room Harmonizer and the Crystal Shield and just reported he slept well for the first time. Thank you!

Joann K., MA


BioResonance PRO pendant:  personal protection from GS, EMFs and negative people, boosting strength and balance

"BioResonance PRO Pendant in Gold:  As a sensitive Starseed and lightworker this pendant has proven to be a necessity for my sanity and energetic well being. The confidence in my light body, the feeling of protection from any lower energies and overall peace this pendant has brought me is profound. I am experiencing so much gratitude, serenity, ease and confidence in who I am as an empath. And as a bonus, it’s beautiful!"
Mia Luz, PA - www.drumdoula.com
OMG, how did you make this amazing piece!
I've tried a lot these sorts of pendants and protectors. I got the gold one and I have not let this go since it arrived. I feel like I'm walking on air. No ones energy gets in mine. I feel happy all the time. So wonderful for empaths like me. I tell everyone to get one. So awesome! Don't hesitate just get it and try it and if you really don't like it you can send it back, but you won't let it go! 
Sherry Mosley, MSOM, CSP
"Thank you so much, Werner!  
The pendants are exceptionally beautiful and of course I love wearing mine.  It gave me an immediate boost in energy when I first put it on." 
Juliet S., NY
"I can't believe it, but the pendent really works!! I had ordered gold and rose gold PRO Pendants for my kids for graduation. Before I gave my daughter her rose gold I wore it for a couple of days. Forgot that I had it on and kept wondering why I felt so centered, focused and happy... Then realized I was still wearing it...  Boys say the same. Told the kids they are getting me one for my BD. 
Thanks so much!"
Heidi D., NJ

"I am a clairvoyant channel and seer of timelines. When I first held the silver PRO Pendant it allowed me to accelerate my visions and amplify my gifts to make me much more aware of the energies around me and the electromagnetic fields in specific. The gold PRO pendant is different. It feels soft and gentle and more in resonance with my own vibration.  

When the Collective brought up the rose gold idea I was thrilled. I knew this pendant would be even better suited for extra sensitive, emphatic humans like myself. When I wear the rose gold pendant I can't help but feel loved. This pendant connects with the heart center and amplifies it. I wear my pendant around my neck or I keep it close to my heart. I also keep it on my night stand at night.

Recently the Collective showed me that I can wear the pendant "backwards" at night. When worn backwards, the pendant projects the energy from the pendant towards my body and heart center. This helps with clearing old dense energy from my subtle fields.  

When it comes to any of the pendants, the more you wear them the more they connect with your own vibration and help to raise your own vibration.

Anyaa Lightheart, channel and founder of DNA-Crystallization, MI


Recently: ".... Just received and put on the new Rose Gold PRO Pendant. It is so powerful! I can feel the energy very strongly. It warms my heart. And then read afterwards how it works with the heart chakra...  I feel it very dramatically shifting my energy in a positive direction..."

Earlier:  ".... I have been wearing the Gold PRO Pendant for a solid week. I feel more clarity and can be more present. I worry less. I am more balanced. I notice that I am flowing through my day easier. I am not getting stuck or feeling foggy. I am very productive, yet balancing time for rest. Things feel easier in my life. I am focused."

"I am seeing more spirit very vividly at night too. I didn’t make the connection at first regarding the gold pendant, but now I often wear it to sleep. The detailed faces of my Guides have been coming straight into my awareness all night long."

Micheila Sheldan, Intuitive Channel, Detroit, MI

... As for the BioResonance Gold PRO Pendant - I noticed a better endurance at the gym, more force in the muscles when I do my walking, no more  headaches and eyes pain after 8 hours in front of the computer at work, less tired in the afternoons; I am more calm and less stressed in  general; I still have very vivid and strong dreams - even after 2 weeks ( I am not wearing the pendant during my sleep).

Anne-Marie P., Quebec, Canada

“I have been using the silver BioResonance PRO Pendant for almost a year now. When I first received it,  I noticed an immediate improvement in my cycling and running times! I also noticed I was able to remain more focused and productive doing computer work and not tired and drained as I did prior to wearing the pendant. I usually remove the pendant over night. When I forget to wear it the next morning, my days are definitely more challenging!

I have been a long time wearer of the Q-link and various scalar pendant's, but after wearing them for some time they blocked my energy and had the opposite effect. I am extremely happy to say that the BioResonance PRO is as good after one year as when I first purchased it. Well worth the investment for your protection and health. Thank you again for everything and best wishes,"

Martin Mueller, San Jose, CA

"The Silver PRO Pendant helped me SO MUCH! For the longest time I could not go into any larger department store without getting a big headache. Since I wear the pendant this discomfort is completely gone. It made a HUGE difference. Thank you so much,"

Sofia P., Wilmington, NC

"First of all, the Gold PRO Pendant itself is beautiful.  I subsequently experienced a sense of greater well-being and a brighter outlook for myself. Up until that point, I was angry and upset about the election, and I very much feared what might happen under the leadership of the current president. After a number of days, I asked my husband if he had noticed any difference in me since I’d been wearing the pendant.  Without hesitation Dave answered that I seemed to be happier.

This is a very successful outcome for me!  Thank you so much for continuing to pursue techniques and creating products to assist those of us in need of extra support during this incredible transition that we will be continuing to go through.  You are doing a great service for the Universe…"      

Valerie B., Galway, NY


Universal Shield: - ultimate personal protection from GS, EMFs, negative people and entities, with added boosting frequencies on top 

“We are so happy with our Universal Shield necklaces - they are amazing. My wife has always had a bit of alien problem. So it seems we are prime candidates for your device. I'm giving about 2 energy sessions (light working) for clients a week now and the Universal Shield has meant a lot to me. All energetic removals are moving out properly and do not cross over to me or stick with me in my next session. It is truly remarkable protection."

J.C., New England

"In addition to a Home Harmonizer we ordered Universal Pendants for personal protection. We used the option for individual fine tuning of the pendants to each family member. When the pendants arrived, remarkably, not only did they muscle test correctly, but no joke, they tested "uniquely" to each of us.  We "blind" muscle-tested so that neither of us knew which pendant applied to the other, but gosh, every time my wife tested best for HER pendant, and I tested strongest for MINE.  Completely reproducible! These products really work!” 

John, Chicago IL

"Just placed an order for my daughter for a Universal Shield in Rose Gold. She has needed protection for a long time and we are happy to finally be able to purchase this for her. My wife and I are thrilled with the Universal Shields we purchased earlier this year! Thank you. We are wearing our shields constantly — we only take them off to shower. My wife tends to wear hers outside of her clothing and gets tons of compliments on what a pretty pendant it is.

I have felt much better since wearing it — I had picked something up in a public place and once it was cleared then ordered the shield. I have not had any issues since that time."

Jim, Fairfield CT


Electro-Smog Harmonizer: EMF stress protection for phone, computer and other electronics

"These EMF Harmonizers work miracles. I’ve had them for years, but recently got the new upgraded ones which are even more powerful. I put them on the fuse-box for the house, on the water-pump, Smart-Meter and off course phones, computers, routers and appliances, and the energetic difference in the house is palpable. The vibration in the house feels clear, clean and pristine. It’s a new experience of clarity and light. As I work and spend most of my time at home it was important to upgrade the frequency so that I can stay clear through these times. These products holds next level technology for such a time as this."

Mia Luz, PA - www.drumdoula.com


"Before I connected with Werner, I was aware of the dangerous EM radiation from cellphones but didn't know what to do. It is nearly impossible to avoid or escape these frequencies in our modern world. 

I can see the energetic matrix the E-Smog Harmonizer creates around the cellphones and how it acts as a repellent towards my body. Imagine an energetic bubble around your cellphone. The E-Smog contains the negative vibe within and then dissipates it. It makes a HUGE difference.

I use one E-Smog Harmonizer inside my phone case and keep another one on top of the WiFi router to create the energetic bubble right from the base!"

Anyaa Lightheart, akashic channel and founder of DNA-Crystallization, MI - www.AnyaaLightheart.com 


"The first item I purchased from you was an E-Smog Harmonizer for my cell phone. When it came in the mail, I took the back off my cell phone and laid it onto the battery, then closed the case. Immediately the phone felt cleaner! Yes, cleaner! It was like someone had just scrubbed the entire phone inside and out. I have used EMF protectors before but I had never noticed a difference in the energy yet hoped that something was improving. Another thing that I have noticed is that my right leg doesn't ache. You see, sometimes I lay the phone beside my right leg when I drive or put it in my pocket on my right side. I had wondered if there might a connection to my leg discomfort and the cell phone EMF energy and now I know there was because the ache has vanished."

Sharilyn Stalling, Master of Intuitive Emotional Body Healing, Eureka Springs, AR


After Christmas we put E-Smog Harmonizers on all our phones in the house, on the wireless router and on my husband’s computer. We had gotten 2 multi packs and even had one on the hairdryer. My migraines  are definitely better, both in occurance and intensity if they still show. I know I have to also change my diet for that. Greetings,

Susan P., Conway, NH


Thank you, Werner, for the E-Smog Harmonizers. They really helped tone down the strong field from my cell phone, so it doesn't bother me anymore. I even measured how much the field was reduced with each sticker by using a K2 meter and a yardstick. I was surprised to find out that they really worked and I am very glad that they did! I will buy more of them later on for sure. Thank you very much!

Michael Funk, Lewisville TX



BioResonance Laser:   erases toxic imprints and re-energizes water and food

"I use the PRO Laser on my water, food and supplements, but most of all I have used it for physical ailment. As I have struggled with chronic Lyme and the discomforts that follows, this tool has come to be of great benefit. When using it, I can feel the tingles internally and a realignment of the cells to its original blueprint. Aches and pains soften and my overall energy gets stronger as these places of weakness gets strengthened."

Mia Luz, PA - www.drumdoula.com


Love, love, love it! Thank you for your invention & service!  I never would like to be without it."

Marian J., Canada


"...I’ve only had my BioResonance Laser for one week but the difference in my hips is unreal! I’m just back from a late lunch and the difference in my walking is so incredible, I still can’t believe it..."

Diane J., Canada


About 2 weeks ago I received a testimonial from someone who one morning found one of her beloved goldfish floating belly up in the fish tank. Panicking and unsure what to do, she remembered owning a BioResonance Laser which she used to energize and restructure her water and food. She quickly lasered the little fish and after a minute he started to show some response. In fact she was able to revive him to a point that he began paddling again. Over the following hours and days she used the laser not only on the fish, but on the fish food and the water in the tank, again and again.
When she called me 5 days later, the fish was doing pretty well. I recommended to also tape a Water & Food Harmonizer onto the glass of the aquarium for a more constant frequency exposure on the water. She told me later she found her little fish the following morning cuddling at a spot inside the tank close to the Harmonizer card.
Two weeks later now the fish seems fully recovered. He shows no more signs of weakness compared to the other fish in the tank.
P.S.: Update 3 months later: The fish is perfectly well.
P.P.S.: Update a year later: The fish still does great!!
(please note: For legal reasons we only can promote the BioResonance laser to energize water and food, but NOT for use on the body. Applying the laser on the body by some users is done under their own responsibility or their own professional qualification.)


Scalar Field Boosters:    for personal clearing of stress and trauma

"The Scalar Field Boosters has been life changing for my 11 year old daughter.  Her father and I separated when she was 1 year old and since not been able to sleep by herself through the night.  We've tried a lot of things over the past 10 years: energy healing sessions, therapy, chiropractic care, functional medicine, essential oils, white noise... We even recently got her a cat for company and she still would end up in my bed at some point during the night.
On the first night of trying the scalar field booster she slept through the night in her bed!!!  We were celebrating so much in the morning!!  We are doing it on a regular basis and her self-esteem has gone up so much as she feels she has overcome a big issue in her life!
Thank you so much for this wonderful tool,"
Caroline Bergeron D.C.. IL


"I do my Scalar Field Booster clearings at night and them keep the discs on either side of my pillow while I sleep. I feel a significant boost in my energy and my resilience for the following days. Sometimes, however, the boost feels too strong and I can't fall asleep until I take the discs away from my bed."

Grace B., NY


"I have done many clearings on myself with the Scalar Field Boosters. After each clearing I am calmer, more focused, happier. When I can't sleep - which was a permanent situation - I do a clearing and sleep soundly for 5 hours.  A lot for me.

I recently helped a client clearing spasms from her abdominal muscles with the Scalar Boosters.  It was done in less than 15 min.  Then she began a clearing of heavy metals thru menstrual blood.  Quite effective.  

Another client was a 15 year old wanna be Goth.  She was moping and despondent. After the clearing she was speaking in a normal tone of voice and smiling and almost laughing.   

A third client came in with a serious skin condition, flaking, peeling, blistering, oozing, burning.  This has been like that for about 40 years. After each clearing she re-balances, clears the skin, and "sees" her life in a new way.  Yesterday she was crying about wasting the last 15 years, sad-miserable-sick years. After clearing last night and today, she views them as invested years.  She found she needs to re-evaluate her nutrition regimen.  Thank you for introducing these tools!" 

Gloria J., Reiki practitioner, MI


"These Discs are unbelievable! I could feel my brain physically adjusting when I used them for the first time. They seem to open up all body sensors. In my healing work the Scalar Field Boosters help me to soften up blockages in my clients before I start applying my own work. After a clearing the client can be adjusted so much faster and easier.

BTW, a recent client told me she improved her golf score 20 points after a session with the Discs...  :) Thank you for these fantastic tools!"

Paul W., Healer, Austria



Clearing Harmonizers

Water & Food Harmonizer

"We just installed a Berkey filter with your Water & Food Harmonizer. This is one of your best products yet, it works incredibly well. The water is SCRUMPTIOUS, almost as good as our ground water in in our Mass. Farm well…  The card restructures the water for sure. Tried with and without and it is a noticeable flavor difference. Combined with your card, yummy! Thanks for all your hard work."

John O., Chicago, IL

 Some people use the Water & Food Harmonizer on their body, as our body is made of 70 - 80% water and notice interesting changes:                  "1) Over several days several blocked meridians cleared, which have been blocked for years. - this also happened for my wife and daughter.           2) Experienced higher energy levels and mental sharpness.                                                                                                                               3) Needing an hour or less sleep during the night.                                                                                                                                           4) Food and water energies greatly improved, therefore much better assimilation.                                                                                               5) The church building we attend has very negative draining energies.  Carrying the Harmonizer changed the energy to beneficial.                         6) We all now carry the Water/Food Harmonizer whenever we leave our home as this keeps our energies high, protecting us."

John R., WI

I use the Water & Food Harmonizer on my belly when I have cramps. I stick it under my belt or sometimes leave it in one of the back pockets. It helps me to relax and reduces pain.

G.B., Santa Barbara, CA


Essential Oil Harmonizer

"My favorite luxury indulgences are perfumes and essential oils. My signature perfumes are citrus/floral Chanel's but I recently bought Dior Blooming Bouquet and decided to experiment with it. I keep the bottle on the Essential Oil Harmonizer and the results are amazing! Not only is the scent stronger, it's so much richer and more complex than the perfume was originally. The Dior was intoxicating before but now--I don't even know how to describe it. It's almost unbelievable something could smell this good..."

Grace B., NYC


My essential oils have increased multiple times in strength with the E/O Harmonizer!  Not sure how to explain this better.  They have greatly increased in "energy" (which is the word that best describes the increase - according to my testing).  They are much more effective in reaching many more areas of the body than before using the Harmonizer. 

Also, we have used the E/O Harmonizer to increase my daughter and her boyfriend's personal energy (- especially him as he is living in a very bad geopathic stress home). When he comes to our home for the weekend, he has to use the Essential Oil Harmonizer on his body first to bring his energy back up - then the Home Harmonizer in our house keeps him protected).  

John R., MI


I can now give you a percentage of the oils and flower essences improvement.  The ones that were more than 10 years old  regained above the level they were when I received them!  The small brand with high energy oils went to 98% of what the healthy plant is.  The cheap essential oils from other companies which I buy for cleaning products and as a bug repellent became within 60% the equivalent of the expensive brand. Not bad, eh?  I am very pleased.

The flower essences are the easiest to do, they are homeopathic.  All of them became 100% of the initial healthy plant. Thank you so much. I will keep you informed of progress.

Gloria J., MI

Water Harmonizer:

We have noticed that tea is smoother, some herbal teas are definitely less bitter. Orange juice is much smoother and sweeter. Water seems to be more hydrating and just tastes better.  A great product, don’t ever want to be without it.

Food Harmonizer:

We make most of our own food, but we have noticed that this harmonizer smoothies and blends the flavors of soup in particular. It also makes a big difference with how we feel after eating fast food, when we actually do eat out. We have also noticed that this harmonizer greatly reduces the stomach aches which occur as a side effect of taking headache pills. A great product.

Antiques Harmonizer: 

We have found that this Harmonizer, especially in combination with the Space Clearing Harmonizer, works well on our butcher knives, tables and other equipment when we do our own home butchering (Then we clear the meat with the Food Harmonizer). This Harmonizer is also great for clearing furniture from second-hand shops. 

Jewelry Harmonizer:

We use this Harmonizer all the time for clearing our healing crystals and gemstones. We wear our gemstones and crystals, when they start to feel heavy or the area where they are being worn starts to hurt (for example neck or wrists), it’s time to take them off and clean them on the Jewelry Harmonizer. We are able to clear most gems and crystals with our hands, but it is usually much more efficient- certainly much easier and quicker- to use the Jewelry Harmonizer- an excellent product!

Money Harmonizer:

We use this Harmonizer on all of our cash and all of our mail. Every so often we place it in our wallet to clear our checks and the bank accounts. We love to use this Harmonizer on all of the packages that we ship from our online shop- then we program the products to reach their destinations quickly and safely. We wouldn’t go without it!

Space Clearing Harmonizer:

The Space Clearing Harmonizer is our very favorite Harmonizer. In addition to the suggested uses of this card we have used it to help clear bad dreams and insomnia by placing it under the sleeping pillow, and in some cases of extremely bad nightmares, by placing it directly under the head. We have found that holding it directly on the site, it can relive physical pain such as backache, leg cramps and headaches. Holding the Space Clearing Harmonizer while in a complaining or irritable mood can help shorten the duration of the ‘bitch fest’.  This harmonizer is a must have!!

all from Sierra, Sonora & Jackie N., SD



Pet Protector Pendant

"The Pet Protector Pendant is on my 14 year old pug and I love it! GABI had 1-2 ticks on her every time she came in from outdoors as she likes to lay on the tall grass. The pendant seemed to take a while, almost a week, to build up its protective field. I can honestly say I have not found any ticks or fleas on her since that initial week. She has been wearing the pendant since early spring."

Patty F. - Cape Cod, MA



"We were part of the beta test for the pet pendant with our Dalmatian. He is a very sensitive dog. Over-the-counter products usually helped deter fleas and ticks, but came at the expense of skin irritation. Once we put the Pet Protector Pendant on his collar, we noticed within a few days he wasn't scratching. We already experienced a full summer with the pendant last year and the results were fantastic!

This past spring started heavy with ticks. We put the Protector Pendant back on the collar and noticed within days NO more ticks on the dog. Highly recommend as a natural solution to ticks and fleas! Thank you!"

Preston K.- North Conway, NH


Our Husky was suffering from horrible seizures over the years. They got worse with age and were caused by tick bites and consequently Lyme disease. Standard medication would only worsen the situation. At some point we were considering putting her down to take her out of her misery. Since she is wearing the Pet Protector Pendant she has not had one seizure and is tick free the entire season, as well.




Personal Clearing Session with Scalar Field Boosters

"The Clearing Sessions were a life changing transformational experience so far. I felt a lot of the heaviness lifting today, a deep sense of connection to my family, as well as a good session around issues of my marriage that feels very hopeful and promising!  I am starting to understand how my past trauma impacts my thoughts. Feelings of joy and happiness as a result of the release. And I slept better last night than the entire month before!  Blessings,"

Jen H., MA


"My husband slept very well last night. Today he feels peaceful, happy and with a lot of energy. He is continuing to drink a lot of water." 

Phyllis C., TX


"My wife yawned through the entire Clearing session. She felt a slight soreness in the forehead. We slept deep last night and are doing very well today. So far I can track the following results from your distance treatment:

  1. Pineal Gland - energy increase of 60%
  2. Reproductive System - became 3 time tougher
  3. Heart - stronger 60%
  4. Thyroid gland - increase of 30%
  5. Prostrate
  6. Nervous System
  7. Digestive System - increasing 30% to normal
  8. Hearing - reduced ringing by 90%
  9. Vision - increasing by 90%

Good job! Thank you,"

John R., MI       



Feng Shui Consultations:

“During our remote consultation, Werner identified geopathic stress in several areas in our house.  Although I had not told him prior to the consultation, I had detected geopathic lines myself earlier with my L-shaped rods in the very same places he found them. One of the lines traversed over the bed and over the area of my husband’s chest when he slept in the bed. This was especially disconcerting because my husband had been having increasingly frequent incidents (to the point of each and every night) of waking up at night in distress because he was aware that his heart was skipping beats. 

It has been a week now since the placement of the Home Harmonizer, and my husband reports that his heart has been nice and steady and has not skipped any beats since. I cannot thank Werner enough for the huge protective and powerful positive impact he has had on the health and well-being of my family. He and his products are amazing! I am so grateful that our paths have crossed.”

Cynthia S.,  Westford, VT


"I wanted to call you to let you know that the suggestions you gave for my office were really, really helpful. The entire house has better energy now and even my clients noticed it. They say the office is calmer and the place feels very different.  So thank you for it. It’s really great. ... I also can feel the effect of the PRO pendant. It makes me feel less anxious and seems to keep bad people out of my life.

Dolores D., LCSW, DCSW, Saco, ME