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30 min Resonance Dowsing Session

  • Werner Brandmaier
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Product Description

A 30 min dowsing session with Werner via phone or Zoom to test for resonance/dissonance on a 100% scale on a topic of your choice. Results reflect a specific point in time and space and may evolve, so it can make sense to retest after a while.

Popular topics are:

  • nutrition and dietary choices
  • supplements and dosage
  • purchase choices of all kind: books, crystals, tools, also energetic tools (!), and so much more
  • quality of personal acquaintances and people in your life (-> checking for 'energy vampires')
  • places with high energy to live in
  • house hunting for beneficial matches
  • possible talents and many interests
  • other topics of your choice

Please take notes or use a recording device during the consultation. This package does not include a written report. 


Disclaimer: We do not give medical, psychological or financial advice. We test for energetic alignment at a specific point in time. Our services are intended to assist other treatments on an energetic level as well as support the body's own self healing. Our products are energetic tools. They are NOT a substitute for medical attention in any way. If you have a medical condition or question please contact your health care provider promptly.













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