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Business Harmonizer ULTRA V.7 in Gold for Offices and Businesses - NEW

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Product Description

The BUSINESS HARMONIZER ULTRA V.7 IN GOLD offers spiritual protection on top of energetic shielding for an office, shop or business combined with a significant boost of Chi. The ULTRA version extends the protective features with our latest safeguards against ghosts, entities and other subtle appearances which only sensitive people might be aware of.

The Business Harmonizer ULTRA V.7 has been developed with the goal to strengthen business related energies and to increase revenue. The V.7 upgrade is our newest energetic SW version to raise the strength up to 40% over former models.

With 8 layers of 24 carat gold over sterling silver, the Business Harmonizer has improved properties in shielding against Geopathic Stress (from underground waterveins, earth fault lines and grid systems), in harmonizing EMFs (stress caused by electro-magnetic frequencies) including the latest 5G bandwidths, and in serving as a tool to generally harmonize the biofield of a business/office location.

It balances many difficult Feng Shui situations such as sharp corners, energy drains due to staircases, bathrooms, open ceiling features,  slanted ceilings, etc. and harmonizes missing areas (such as an inadequate Wealth Bagua) throughout the business. It also supports the office space against negative influences from next door neighbors and even neighbor buildings.



hakerl-blau.jpg Our most advanced device for offices and shops, practices and workshops, manufacturing sites in smaller and larger buildings. 

hakerl-blau.jpg Sterling silver core with 24 carat gold plating in several layers for extended programming. 

hakerl-blau.jpg 100 % Geopathic Stress protection for buildings and offices of all sizes up to several floors

hakerl-blau.jpg 100% protection against stress from underground waterveins

hakerl-blau.jpg 100% protection from earth fault lines and grid systems (Hartmann grid, Benker grid, Curry grid, 250 meter and 400 meter systems, Moon stripes and many other detrimental grid structures.)

hakerl-blau.jpg Harmonization of split levels and irregular shapes of business and office locations.

hakerl-blau.jpg Significantly upgraded EMF protection from inside AND outside sources (such as WIFI routers, computers, phones, but also antennas and transformers outside), including new 5G devices. However, we do advice to take all measures possible to FIRST reduce the amount of Wi-Fi and 5G exposure and devices present, THEN try to mitigate the rest through energetic shielding. For best results we highly recommend to combine the Business Harmonizer ULTRA with our Bio-Resonance Pendants and with the new EMF Harmonizers.

hakerl-blau.jpg Raise of the overall positive energy of businesses, offices (also home offices), shops and private practices.

hakerl-blau.jpg Increase of the Chi of a building and holding the space and the boundaries against close neighbors and other close businesses.

hakerl-blau.jpg Balance of many Feng Shui challenges: e.g. "missing areas" or irregular floor plan designs, an underdeveloped "Money Bagua" area, too large windows which let the Chi escape too quickly, sharp corners or other "poisonous arrow" situations, open ceiling constructions in shops, ceiling beams, ventilation shafts and rotating fans above cashier zones, steep staircases, etc.

hakerl-blau.jpg Advanced entity protection from negative customers and clients or from close neighbor businesses in the building.


Please note:

We want to make clear, that our tools have been designed to function primarily as PROTECTIVE devices and shields. This means they help to keep negative intrusive energies out. They are NOT automatically clearing a place from existing "attachments" and/or beings who maybe have an ancient history why they are stuck in a place or business location.

->  It is recommended to clear a business regularly from, what we call, "energetic spider webs" (= naturally accumulated energetic dirt over time from customer traffic) the same way a place is physically cleaned and vacuumed. A typical way to achieve this is "smudging" with additional blessings and offerings. Some of these practices include the handling of open fire which could be problematic due to safety regulations. Our SPACE CLEARING HARMONIZER has been developed as an easy-to-use alternative.

->  More serious situations of possible ghosts or similar negative presences require individual attention and need manual intervention. Someone needs to find out why they are here and what it takes to help them to move on. We offer this type of assistance as part of our consulting services. If you wish, please call us to discuss possible solutions.



The Business Harmonizer ULTRA V.7 is used vertically flat on a wall with a tiny nail (we'll send some with it), about 1 - 1 1/2 ft. from the ceiling (for normal ceiling heights). For higher rooms we can determine case by case what would be optimal. The BH should not be covered by a picture or hide behind a curtain. Do not place it above a shelf or close to a mirror and allow at least 2 ft. of empty wall space around it. 

It is recommended to place the Business Harmonizer ULTRA V.7 in the office of the owner or manager, preferably behind or on the side of their work desk. Although the Harmonizer works in many places, finding the optimal position is important and ensures maximum strength and effectiveness. If you are familiar with energy testing such as kinesiology or dowsing, you can apply your own testing to determine the most beneficial place. 

If you feel you need assistance, let us know. Finding an optimal placement is included and we are happy to assist. Please email us a picture of your floor plan (or a simple sketch of one) and a picture or two of the outside of the business and the building (street view). This helps us to connect easier over distance.


In general, the Business Harmonizer ULTRA V.7 does not pick up negative energies by itself. Clean it with water and a soft cloth if necessary.


Disclaimer: Our products are energetic tools to support body and mind. They are not intended to be a substitute for medical attention in any way. If you have a medical condition or question, please contact your health care provider promptly.

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