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Essential Oil Harmonizer

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Product Description

The Essential Oil Harmonizer protects the energetic profile and potency of essential oils from environmental stress, EMFs, x-rays and other subtle energetic drains.

Essential oils carry the essence of plants in highly concentrated form. The subtle frequency patterns are different for each oil. The energy levels depend on the plant itself, on the growing environment and the manufacturing process. Rose oil, for example, is one of the highest oils documented with about 5 times the energy level of that of a healthy human body.

When a biological system is exposed to environmental stress, such as geopathic stress or EMFs, its energy levels are drained and normal functions are diminished. This can be seen on the body itself, also for the energetic quality of water and food, as well as for essential oils. Many users believe as long as they can smell an oil its therapeutic quality is intact. This is NOT the case!

On average, many essential oils lose more than 30% of their original maximal strength within the first year. These findings were confirmed with a variety of brands including the most popular providers of high quality products. According to Robert Tisserand, one of the world's leading experts in aromatherapy, the therapeutic strength of oils drops significantly after several years.

Most common causes for loss of energetic potency are:

  • Exposure to electronics, such as cellphones, computers, wireless networks, etc.
  • Usage in places with fluorescent lights.
  • X-rays at airport travels.
  • X-rays and high altitude radiation when shipped. (Did you know that all postal mail is automatically x-rayed?). 
  • Storage on earth stress zones, geopathic stress, in the house. Keep your oils and your food away from these areas.
  • Sensitive users can even detect vitality loss caused by negative energy of people handling the oils.                                                                                                                                                              

The Essential Oil Harmonizer protects the oil from all environmental drains, clears the subtle essence and boosts them to their original maximum potency.

Once the oil has been revived it is recommended to keep the oil away from all electronics. We highlight this especially for women who carry essential oils in their purse alongside their cellphone. We also have an E-Smog Harmonizer available to neutralize the EMFs from your phone.

Now with our new V.7 technology!


Summary of benefits:

  • Protection of the energetic signature of the specific oil from environmental drains (cellphones, geopathic stress, EMF stress and X-rays).
  • Recovery of the original strength of the essential oil to its maximum potency. We found that brand new oils already show a loss between 10 % and 25% of their original strength just from shipping and storage.  
  • Great also for protecting flower essences and homeopathic remedies.
  • Significant extension of energetic life span of oils and essences over many years. 


Our research shows that oils recover with different rates. Lower energy oils such as citrus oils are affected more and decline faster. However, citrus oils also recover quicker with the Essential Oil Harmonizer. Higher energy oils, such as frankincense, lose their vitality at a slower rate. 


How to use

  • Place the Essential Oil Harmonizer on or under a bottle or a group of bottles for at least one hour. Depending on the type of oils it might be beneficial to leave the Harmonizer even longer, for example over night.
  • The easiest and most practical way is to simply keep the E/O Harmonizer with your box of oils or in your travel case.
  • The field of protection of the Oil Harmonizer is about 4 - 5 ft in diameter. 
  • It does not matter which side of the E/O Harmonizer is facing the bottles.


Product size is about 2 x 3 inches, made with Super-flat Technology. A 24 carat gold chip on the back of the card is imprinted with subtle informational frequencies. 



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