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Home Harmonizer V.7 - the new generation of Geopathic Stress Protection

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Product Description

The Home Harmonizer V.7 with the new Chi-booster is the trusted tool for buildings and apartments to neutralize Geopathic Stress, reduce EMFs, and balance numerous Feng Shui challenges. It imprints a higher dimensional light-matrix structure in your home.

Its sterling silver core allows extended shielding against all types of Geopathic Stress caused by underground waterveins, earth fault lines and different grid systems. It also harmonizes electromagnetic stress from microwave antennas and outdoor transformers. The Harmonizer strengthens the entire biofield/aura of your apartment and building.  

The Home Harmonizer protects a home up to 3 floors. In addition it balances many difficult Feng Shui challenges within the house, such as "cutting Chi" from sharp corners, energy drains due to straight staircases, the negative effect of bathrooms, the separation caused by ceiling beams, slanted roof ceilings, etc. It supports a site against overshadowing energy fields from close neighbors and tall neighbor buildings.


Standard Features: 

hakerl-blau.jpg Standard device for buildings of most residential sizes up to 3 floors, also townhouses and apartments. 

hakerl-blau.jpg The 7th generation of Space Harmonizers and more than 25 years of experience in protecting home and business.

hakerl-blau.jpg Sterling silver core for extended program functions.

hakerl-blau.jpg 100% Geopathic Stress protection through a micro light-matrix structure shield

hakerl-blau.jpg 100% protection against stress above underground waterveins

hakerl-blau.jpg 100% protection from earth fault lines and irregular structures such as vortexes

hakerl-blau.jpg 100% protection against all German researched earth grid systems (Hartmann grid, Benker grid, Curry grid, 250 meter and 400 meter systems, Moon stripes, etc.)

hakerl-blau.jpg Significantly upgraded EMF protection from inside AND outside sources (such as antennas and transformers), including new 5G sources. However, we do advice to take all measures possible to FIRST reduce the amount of Wi-Fi and 5G exposure and minimize the influence of devices present in your space, THEN try to mitigate the rest through energetic shielding. We do highly advice AGAINST installing the new 5G Wifi indoor routers and antennas. (Please note: 5G technology uses frequency bands in the 10 - 60 GHZ range which are extremely stressful for all biological living organisms!)

For maximum individual protection combine the HH-V.7 with one of the BioResonance pendants and EMF Harmonizer stickers on Wifi-router, cordless phones, circuit breaker box and Smart meter.


Extended unique Features:

hakerl-blau.jpg Increases the overall Chi of a building and property, providing up to 20 000 Bovis units

hakerl-blau.jpg 100% Bioavailability

hakerl-blau.jpg Harmonizes split levels and irregular shapes of a building and to some degree also the property. No other tool can do that!

hakerl-blau.jpg Holds space and boundaries against close neighbors, especially important in wall-on-wall living spaces such as townhouses, multi units and apartments.

hakerl-blau.jpg Balances many Feng Shui challenges: missing areas such as Wealth Bagua or Relationship corner, "cutting Chi" from sharp corners or ceiling beams, steep staircases dropping the Chi, energy drains below areas of slanted ceilings, escaping Chi caused by chimney vents and bathroom installations, etc.


The Home Harmonizer is
used vertically flat on a strong wall with a tiny nail about 1 - 1 1/2 ft. from the ceiling and should not be covered with a picture or curtain. Do not place it above a shelf or close to a mirror and allow some empty wall space around it.

Although the Harmonizer works in many places throughout a house, finding the optimal position allows maximum performance and effectiveness. If you are familiar with energy testing such as kinesiology or dowsing, test for the most beneficial place in your home. First identify the most beneficial floor level in the house, then the best room on this floor and finally the optimal wall in this room.

If you prefer, we also offer free assistance for locating the ideal spot for the lifetime of the product via a phone conversation. Even if you move in a few years or pass the HH on to a family member or friend, don't hesitate to contact us. Email us a picture of your floor plan (or a simple sketch of one) and a picture or two of the outside of the building (streetview). This helps us to get a better energetic feel for the situation and we can discuss your best options.


The Home Harmonizer does not pick up negative energies. However, if the silver piece looks tarnished after a while, please clean and polish it with the enclosed jewelry wipe or any other silver polish. This will ensure its maximum performance.


Disclaimer: Our products are energetic tools to support body and mind. They are not intended to be a substitute
for medical attention in any way. If you have a medical condition or question please contact your health care provider promptly.

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