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Jewelry Harmonizer

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Product Description

The Jewelry Harmonizer is a practical tool to quickly and effectively clear attached adverse vibrations from jewelry, such as rings, pendants, ear rings, broches, etc. This is especially important with inherited pieces in order to not pick up energy patterns from the people who owned them in the past. The Jewelry Harmonizer is also an excellent tool to assist with regular clearing of crystals and precious stones. 

Now with our new V.7 technology!


1. The Jewelry Harmonizer cleanses negative energy and vibrations from jewelry, rings, pendants, bracelets, ear rings, broches, watches, etc. in a few minutes. Keep it right in your jewelry box with your precious items or carry it in your handbag with you. 

Any used jewelry from auctions, antique shops, and especially pieces you inherited from your own family can carry adverse, draining and sometimes disturbing energies on them which should be cleared out before you take ownership.  

2. The Jewelry Harmonizer helps with clearing crystals and precious and semi-precious stones.

Crystals are powerful natural frequency generators and can help with healing and balancing people's subtle aura layers and chakras. However, it is essential to clear them on a regular basis. This can be done manually through a number of protocols. Depending on the intensity of use for healing or ceremonial purposes it is recommend to clear them at least once a week. The Jewelry Harmonizer speeds up the clearing process significantly. Instead of spending half an hour to an hour for a medium group of crystals it only takes a few minutes using the Jewelry Harmonizer.

3. The Jewelry Harmonizer clears crystal healing mats and bed covers made with precious stones.

Crystal blankets and mats, sometimes combined with PEMF technology (pulsed electro-magnetic fields), contain semi-precious stones imbedded into the material. Especially when shared with other people in a professional healing setup it is essential to clear the mattress after each use and to reset it between clients!

4. The Jewelry Harmonizer keeps your crystal pendulum clear.

When using a pendulum or other dowsing devices made from crystals it is important to clear it regularly to make sure dowsing results are accurate.



  • Use the Jewelry Harmonizer either directly in your jewelry box or keep it in your hand bag with you. It should be sufficient to hold it next to the group of items for about a minute or two. 
  • You also can place a piece of jewelry directly on the Harmonizer for a few minutes. Use dowsing or any form of energy testing to determine exact clearing times if needed.
  • For clearing crystals it is recommended to use the Jewelry Harmonizer separately on larger pieces and stones for 2 - 3 minutes each. Smaller stones can be treated in groups. (Treatment times in general are in most cases much shorter than recommended here, we want to make sure the clearing process is complete, but again, times differ from case to case and should be tested individually.)
  • If you are using dowsing tools which are made from or include crystals it is recommended to clear them regularly. Just place the pendulum on the card for a minute or two and ask for an indication when the clearing is done.  
  • It does not matter which side of the Jewelry Harmonizer is held towards the items you're going to clear.

Product size is about 2 x 3 inches.
Made with our Super-flat technology from real 24 carat gold material



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