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Room Harmonizer V.7

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Product Description

The Room Harmonizer V.7 is shielding a single room such as a studio apartment, a student's dorm or a small office from environmental energies (Geopathic Stress and EMFs). It is a great tool for travels, to shield a hotel room, a hospital room, and even can be used in RVs.  It should ideally be combined with a Clearing Harmonizer (typically the Space Clearing Harmonizer) for getting rid of negative energetic residue and emotional discharge from people having used or stayed in the same room earlier. 

Differently to the larger Geopathic Stress Harmonizers the portable Room Harmonizer is placed horizontally on a surface, high on a shelf (out of sight) or can be even set flat inside a drawer as long as it is not covered.

The Room Harmonizer shields against Geopathic drains and balances stress caused by electro-smog. It also increases the positive Chi in a room and helps to stabilize difficult Feng Shui situations.

Standard Features:

hakerl-blau.jpg Neutralizes underground water veins

hakerl-blau.jpg Neutralizes disturbing earth fault lines

hakerl-blau.jpg Neutralizes harmful earth grid systems, such as Benker grid, Hartmann grid and Curry grid

hakerl-blau.jpg Balances typical Feng Shui problems  caused by
          - irregular shaped rooms
          - sharp corners
          - ceiling-beams etc.

hakerl-blau.jpg Increases the Chi of a room

hakerl-blau.jpg Strengthens the aura of your space 

hakerl-blau.jpg Blocks 400m ghost lines 

hakerl-blau.jpg Assists with counteracting imbalances caused by EMF (electromagnetic fields)

hakerl-blau.jpg Holds space against close neighbors


The Room Harmonizer V.7 is used horizontally on a surface, a desk, on a shelf or can be set flat in a drawer as long as it is not covered. The red symbol has to point upwards.

Size: about 3 x 3 inches 


Disclaimer: Our products are energetic tools to support body and mind. They are not intended to be a substitute for medical attention in any way. If you have a medical condition or question please contact your health care provider promptly.

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