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Space Clearing Harmonizer

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Product Description

The Space Clearing Harmonizer has been designed to clear the energy of small professional places with quick turnarounds such as offices and hotel rooms, but has been found to be even more important for hospital rooms, private practices of health practitioners, therapists and body workers and for office space in general. It also can assist with quick clearing of homes. When used for a larger house it has to be applied room by room separately.

Now with the latest V.7 technology!

Please be aware that the Space Clearing Harmonizer is NOT protecting from negative environmental energies such as geopathic stress or EMF related stress. The products of choice for assisting with geopathic stress and EMF-stress are Home Harmonizer and Room Harmonizer.



1. The Space Clearing Harmonizer is the perfect assistant to help with clearing energetic residue from your home, room by room.

Space clearing has been practiced in many cultures for eons and is generally better understood in Eastern countries than here in the West. Energy sensitive people feel the difference and the benefit of a clear space, but due to time requests, hectic schedules, uncertainty with details of the protocol, clearings are delayed or not done regularly. The Space Harmonizer clears a room within minutes, sometimes even less if done on a regular basis.

2. The Space Clearing Harmonizer cleares negative energies and vibrations from hotel beds and hotel rooms.

This Harmonizer was first developed on the request of sensitive clients who felt they needed to clear their bed and often the entire room before they spent a night in a hotel. The fast turnaround of new guests every day requires permanent cleaning and energetic clearing. Although the physical aspect of cleaning is often performed to an extreme level, energetic clearing is barely ever provided, at least not in our Western society.

From our Feng Shui perspective and from the geopathic literature it is well known that insects like ants and bugs prefer such low energy environments. Accumulated negative energies might just be another explanation for the recent increase with bed bug infestations even in first class houses where hygiene is without a doubt addressed properly.

3. The Space Clearing Harmonizer is the tool of choice to clear energetic patterns attached to illness found in hospitals and other places of recovery. 

Hospitals often are home for physical pain, as well as high levels of emotional upset, worry and dispair. In order to not further distribute those patterns it is highly recommended to clear the space, all treatment rooms and waiting areas on a daily basis. The Hotel Room Harmonizer provides an easy protocol to get this done quickly and effectively, without use of fire, candles or incense which is often not possible in such an environment. 

4. Use the Space Clearing Harmonizer in the office to clear out emotional residue from conversations with clients and co-workers and to provide a fresh space for better communication and work efficiency. 

All places with high client turnaround would benefit from regular energy clearings. This includes health practitioners, body workers, therapists, etc., but also offices which see just lots of people, such as law firms, insurance companies or customer support agencies. Again, simplicity of this method and the lack of fire hazards make it much more practical and therefore realistic.



  • Place the Space Clearing Harmonizer in a room on a table or a bed for a few minutes to cover the entire room. 
  • When using the Harmonizer for a house or apartment, use it room by room. Don't forget smaller or separate spaces such as closets, the garage, enclosed spaces in the basement, etc.
  • For a hotel or hospital bed place the Harmonizer 1 or 2 minutes on the bed. In order to clear the entire room, leave it there for 5 - 10 minutes. This can be done easily while  physical cleaning is provided in the room.
  • As a health practitioner or therapist place the Hotel Room Harmonizer on the chair or massage table for 1 - 2 minutes between seeing patients.
  • In an office place the Harmonizer on a desk for 2 - 3 minutes to clear the room. Larger rooms might need longer.
  • Use dowsing or any form of energy testing to determine more accurate clearing times. If you have not tried out Bodydowsing as a method for energy testing yet please look up details.
  • It does not matter which side of the Hotel Room Harmonizer is placed upwards.

Product size is about 2 x 3 inches.
Made with our Superflat technology from real 24 carat gold material


To include protection from Geopathic stress and EMF related stress please add either a Room Harmonizer for smaller rooms, offices and for your travels, or a Home Harmonizer for larger houses and businesses.


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