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Student PLUS Package

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Product Description

This package provides best individual energetic protection for students in their dorm and study hall, but is also recommended for anybody who is concerned that their work environment and the increasing use of electronics in public might affect their health. The Room Harmonizer V.7 calms down the chaotic energy fields in a dorm room or office with the main focus on neutralizing geopathic stress. This is often enhanced by metal furniture. The BioResonance PRO pendant extends the individual protection outside places like lecture halls, libraries and to other people's energies, as well. It also increases physical balance and improves focus and concentration. The EMF-Harmonizers V.7 reduce EMF stress from electronics such as a phone, tablet, notebook, music player, TV, wireless router, hair dryer, food blender, etc. 

(Please be assured, that although the picture does not show yet the new V.7 upgrade of the Room Harmonizer and the EMF Harmonizer, they are part of this package. All items are upgraded to the latest version available.)


The Student Package contains:

  • 1 portable Room Harmonizer V.7 to shield geopathic stress and to reduce EMF related stress in a dorm room, studio apartment or in a hotel room when travelling.
  • 5 EMF-Harmonizers V.7 to specifically address the intense EMF situation in a college environment for all your equipment.  
  • 1 BioResonance PRO pendant (sterling silver) to provide best protection wherever you go plus to increase focus and concentration.



Use Room Harmonizer V.7 horizontally on a flat surface, face up, with at least 1 square ft. of empty space around it. If it should be out of sight, it can be placed on a top shelf if there are at least 2 feet space to the ceiling, or it can be even put inside a drawer. Make sure to keep the drawer empty and not to throw papers on top of it.

The EMF-Harmonizer V.7 is placed directly on the back of your phone or electronic device. In order to be able to reuse it later on your next phone model you can either just open the battery cover and lay it on top of the battery or you can slip it in between the phone and the case. (Place it with pattern looking outside.) You also can use a small piece of clear tape and tape the E-Smog on the side or back of your device etc. 

Carry the BioResonance PRO pendant as a pendant or in a pocket not further than 1/2 inch from the body. Keep shiny from tarnishing for optimum performance.

Use dowsing or any form of energy testing to determine more accurate positioning. If you have not heard of or tried out Bodydowsing as a method for energy testing yet, please look up details and descriptions.








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