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Universal Shield in Silver - Entity Protection for the Individual

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Product Description

The Universal Shield in Sterling Silver with Amethyst adds protection against negative vibrational beings and entities to the advanced environmental stress shielding of the silver BioResonance PRO pendant. This includes geopathic stress from underground waterveins, earth fault lines and natural grid systems such as the Benker grid, Hartmann grid, Curry grid, but also larger grids such as the 250 Meter, the 400 Meter grid system and even Moon Stripes. The pendant also shields the body against the constant drain from electromagnetic fields from wireless routers, smart meters, phones, computers and other electronics. 

The pendant's major feature is protection against negative beings of all kind, ghosts, fallen angels and demons (Christian tradition), bhuts (Hindu tradition), jinns (Islamic tradition) and entitiesWe have extensively tested the pendant with highly sensitive individuals who can see and detect such beings.

Please be aware that this pendant is a protective device, NOT a clearing device. If old soul contracts or attachments exist, they need to be handled separately and cleared manually, so the pendant can do its full job.

The amethyst for the pendant is individually chosen and programmed. It comes from a specific mountain range in South America which was identified to be able to carry the advanced vibrational program needed.

The symbol on the pendant is derived from higher dimensional ancient bio-geometry and anchors a subtle program in the device.

The pendant is approximately 24mm in diameter (about 1 inch) and should be best worn as a necklace within 1 inch of the body. We suggest to take the pendant off for swimming or when taking a shower.

The pendant comes with a black cord with adjustable length. For long term use it is recommended one finds a chain or cord material and length of their choice. 

In case the silver tarnishes please use enclosed jewelry wipes or any silver cleaner to restore a clean surface. Additional clearing can be achieved by holding the pendant under cold running water for a few minutes and drying it with a soft cloth.


Disclaimer: Our products are energetic tools to support body and mind. They are not intended to be a substitute
for medical attention in any way. If you have a medical condition or question please contact your health care provider promptly.

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